Acer Note Light 370C

CPU: Original 100mhz, upgraded to Pentium 200 Mhz 
VGA: Chips and Tech 65550 pci (with vga strech enabler) 800x600 256 color TN
Audio: ESS ES1688
CD-ROM: Yes, works
Floppy: Only externally attached (available but does not work)
Touchpad type: touchpad
Lan: None
Wifi: None
USB Ports: None
irDA: None
DC: 20V 1.7A (original preserved)
Battery: Yes, holds the charge
OS: Windows 95 Osr2.5

CMOS (BIOS) Battery

CPU Upgrade Options

This laptop can be upgraded up to 200Mhz Socket 7 Intel Pentium CPU. For example i was able to install Intel Pentium SY045 Socket 7 200mhz cpu. There was a problem with cpu frequency, it just run at 100mhz, we need to adjust SW1 switch to the correct frequency. And because the official manual does not describe how to correctly calibrate the clock speed. I've made the table with the every possible configuration, please note that the SW1 switch is located nearby cpu itself.

SW1 Switch (CPU Frequency customizations)

1 2 3 4 Result
off off off off 50mhz
off on off off 90mhz
off off on off 99mhz
on on off on 100mhz
off on on on 120mhz
off on off on 120mhz
on on on on 125mhz
on off off on 133mhz
off on on on 150mhz
on off on on 166mhz
off on on off 180mhz
on off on off 199mhz
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