Compaq LTE 5100

CPU: Pentium 90 Mhz
RAM: 8mb (additional ram daughterboard seems to be broken, not accepting any other ram modules)
VGA: 1MB Cirrus Logic CL-GD7543 drivers: CL-GD7543 V2.30a
Audio: ES688 AudioDrive
HDD: 2GB SD to IDE adapter
Floppy: Yes, working
Touchpad type: pointer
Lan: None
Wifi: None
USB Ports: None
irDA: yes
DC: 18V 2.37A (original preserved)
CMOS Battery: Removed
Battery: None
OS: MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11


  • 2022.07.03 Bought Vintage Kingston 8MB RAM Module Kit for Compaq LTE5000 Laptop KTC-E5000/8 from ebay for GBP 24.14.
  • 2022.08.02 The ram arrived but laptop is unable to detect it.

CMOS (BIOS) Battery

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