One lid corner damaged (possibly can be fixed later), lacked hdd ide adaptor when it arrived I've tried some windows longhorn builds and looks like the DCE/DWM works well. It will be one of the longhorn laptops. Later i have noticed that the USB ports does not work, maybe it's drivers, but will test it further.. Just added more ram from Thinkpad r50e (1gb). More recently i've also discovered about cpu throttling, it does not detect the original DELL charger so it steps down the cpu clock to 600mhz instead of 1.4Ghz and it's painful slow, to avoid this I can manually specify the cpu clock using the utility RightMark CPU Clock. It does the job very well. But i need to find some other permanent solution for this kind of throttling.


  • 2023.04.10 12:16 AM → Bought it from with price of €17.34.
  • 2023.04.22 → IDE Adaptor arrived.
  • 2023.04.22 → Windows Longhorn few builds installed and running (3718, 4074)
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