Disclaimer: The PCMCIA drivers may come with your laptop, if not try search the web for Cardsoft/CardWizard/CardWorks pcmcia driver. It can came as Windows 95 application for example in cardworks it installs different .sys based dos drivers in C:\cardworks which when can be loaded directly from config.sys.

PCMCIA CF Card DOS Drivers

You can use cheap PCMCIA CF Card Adapter, then use SD card to CF adapter and at last use SD Card adapter for MicroSD cards. :) it will support up to 32gb microSD cards, 64gb can work but needs to be formatted to ntfs file system. It's possible to format it to fat32 also, using some 3rdparty partition management tools. Of course then using MS-DOS 6.22 or earlier you have to use the SD cards up to 2GB in size, because the larger sizes will not be supported by OS and fat12/16 file system.

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