MaxData Pro 650T

CPU: Pentium III 500 Mhz (Codename: Coppermine, Instruction set: x86, MMX, SSE, L2: 256 KB) FSB: 66/100 Mhz
RAM: 128 MB EDO, PC66, PC100 SDRAM
VGA: 8MB Ati Rage LT Pro AGP 2x Mach64 LT Pro
Audio: Yamaha DS-XG Audio CODEC
HDD: 40GB PATA hdd 
CD-ROM: Yes, does not work
Floppy: Yes, working
Touchpad type: pointer
Lan: Amd PCNET AM79C973
Wifi: None
USB Ports: 2x v1.1
irDA: yes
DC: 18-20V 2.5A (universal charger)
Battery: Yes, does not hold the charge
OS: Windows 98 Second Edition

Recently found option in Bios that allows to stretch vga screen to the max and now it works perfectly under DOS. Only thing is broken on this laptop is cdrom, i may fix it later.


  • 2022.06.27 04:02 AM Bought it from for €12.67
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