Toughbook CF-18 Mark 1

System information

Chipset: Intel i855GM/PM (Intel Montara-GM i855GM) Centrino Compliant
CPU: Mobile Intel Pentium M ULV 900 Mhz (Carmel) x86,MMX,SSE,SSE2 L2: 1mb 478 Pin UFCPGA
RAM: 256MB DDR-200 SDRAM, DDR-266 SDRAM 133Mhz, Max 2GB
VGA: 64MB Intel Extreme Graphics 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller
Audio: SigmaTel C-Major Audio


  • 2022.06.22 04:27 AM Bought it from for €31.64
  • 2022.07.29 Forced myself to buy IDE HDD case from local dealer for €40, the whole laptop is cheaper than IDE HDD case from local dealer, the dealers must die…

HDD Caddy

Almost all laptops sold today come without an HDD enclosure. The required case for mark 1 (mk1) model of this laptop must be IDE PATA, like shown in the bottom photos. It can be bought in ebay, be warned it cost like a whole laptop. But there are many offers from China, that should help a lot.

SSD Speeds


You should install drivers by following these steps, if you want a fully working setup..

  • OS INF File driver extract, install and reboot
  • Video driver extract, install and reboot
  • Sound driver extract, install and reboot
  • Modem driver extract, install and reboot
  • Hotkey plus driver download extract and go into device manager under the second unknown device direct to the plus driver and reboot
  • Now the same thing with the hotkey driver as above, note there is only one unknown device in the device manager then
  • touchpad driver/touchscreen driver install through device manager upgrade the mouse driver and continue to reboot after each addition
  • hotkey settings
  • hotkey plus manager
  • hotkey apendex
  • software key board
  • display rotation tool

By this time you will have the keys working and you can go into the Panasonic program list and modify the rotation and front key settings Add any other drivers now that I missed

USB Boot

To enable usb boot, you have to temporary remove hdd case. Then first time boot computer without hdd and with USB Flash drive already inserted into usb port. The usb should boot. If you are installing windows xp, make sure to use rufus with ntfs format, cluster size 4kb and select “Add fixes for old BIOSes”. When you first boot the usb flash drive reboot with ctrl+alt+del and connect hdd caddy again, when you can boot over again and usb should work, you will be able to install windows, linux or other operating system of your choice.

Panasonic CF-18/19 Button driver for Linux

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