Great capable machine especially for testing network equipment or some kind of embedded devices as it have Lan and Serial (RS232) ports. It also have RFID/Barcode scanner Wifi 2.4/5Ghz, some user defined button behaviour, two optional batteries which can run device for up to 7 hours.


  • 2023.08.16 → Bought on for 34 €
  • 2023.08.21 → Arrived at my place, some parts where missing. No batteries and hdd caddy, also usb port and hdd cover is missing. I think i can print these using 3d printer. Everything else is working it has 2gb of ram, touchscreen is really good integrated, even bios have touchscreen support with touchscreen keyboard!
  • 2023.08.21 → Bought hdd caddy and battery from aliexpress for total of 59,14 €
  • 2023.09.07 → The hdd caddy have just arrived.
  • 2023.09.08 → Did some screen and case cleaning. Added hdd caddy with Crucial BX500 2.5 SSD 240GB, also i have disassembled the unit and removed the remaining 2gb ram module, added two 4gb ram modules instead, tested using memtest86+, replaced the cpu thermal paste, installed win7 pro x64 sp1.
  • 2023.09.09 → I have designed the hdd plastic cover, it took me trough 4 versions but i made it and seems like it's water resistant but i'm not 100% sure. You can find the model and the sketch on the thingiverse.
  • 2023.09.10 → I have assembled the final version of hdd plastic cover and it looks not so bad..

SSD Upgrade speeds



HDD Plastic cover

You can find 3D model for printing at thingiverse.


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