Ultimate DOS Boot CD (UDBCD) Project

It's wonderful thing you may use on your old vintage systems, maybe newer ones too. The included software is almost up to date. This cdrom disk image (that must be burned to CD) contains all the necessary programs to restore, repair, test very old or newer computers and their components. With this burned disk, you can easily install MS-DOS versions 6.22 and 7.10, use the most popular file managers, multimedia programs, system information tools, memory testing tools, recovery tools, create/clone/backup disk partitions, make backup copies of files or restore the file system or files. There are usefull tools for loading external devices/peripherals. Drivers for ISCSI/USB/ZIP are included by default. With network support (most common NIC's) you will be able to browse samba shares, browse the internet or chat with community using irc client. In the technical background there are 3 different versions which uses different boot loaders Grub4dos, SysLinux and can straight boot to FreeDOS which requires just 2mb of ram.

  • Current version: Alpha1
  • For bugs and feature requests please create new issue.

You can craft your own boot cd with your own apps and operating systems!

Project includes UDBCDBT. UDBCDBT stands for Ultimate Dos Boot CD Build Tools. Which can be used to build custom .ISO images that can be burned and used independently. You can bundle your own programs, using easy to use menu, all tools generating menu automatically are already made, there are also possibility to include other OS'es as it has simple configuration for loading .iso .img or Linux kernel files, boot loader menus will be generated automatically.


Included software counts as abandonware and not used anymore. We do not claim rights to any software on it. To the best of our knowledge, these titles have been discontinued by their publishers. If you know otherwise, please contact us and we will remove them accordingly. Thank you for your attention.

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