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Trim support for SSDs


C:\trim -N C: F

MS-DOS Sound Blaster Setter

With this simple utility, setting resources for DOS audio drivers is no longer a hassle. Just select and apply! This neat program allows the user to test whether the drivers work before making the changes. Enough said, a neat DOS program to set Sound Blaster drivers in Windows 9x makes life easier.


  • Set Windows 9x sound blaster for DOS
  • Adjust DOS sound to your liking
  • Lightweight
  • Ability to test before saving


  • DOS or later



  • PLOP bootloader that enables support for > 8gb hdd's for older bios systems.


Virtual CD

Playing some old games requires a CD-ROM drive to function. Many of the old CD-ROM games are around 10mb anyways so it makes no sense to use a CD-ROM drive for them. Even on a desktop, do you really want to monopolize your CD-ROM drive with a disk just to play one game? The program you need is SHSUCDHD and SHSUCDX. These are part of a package called SHSUCD that is available here. The whole package is pitched as a replacement for mscdex. So I put a chain of commands into a batch file that I run when I want to start that game. The lines related to SHSUCD are as follows:

shcdhd86 /f:image.iso
shsucdx /d:shsu-cdh

This assumes that SHCDHD86 is in the same directory as image.iso. SHCDHD86 is the same as SHSUCDHD. The first lines points the virtual cd-rom driver at the iso you wish to mount. The second line specifies what drive letter bind the image to. After all of this is done, you should be able to go to the D:\ drive and there will be the contents of your ISO. In my spiffy batch file, I put commands to unload the cd-rom drivers after the game is done using them:

shsucdx /u
shcdhd86 /u

original source

Archive tools (more common formats)


NOTE! If you are trying to boot old vintage pc (with bios that does not support boot even from cd-rom) from (non) standard media, such as cf compact flash, usb or cd-rom. You can use 3rdparty boot loader to make it possible.

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