Intel Core i3 U 380 1.33 Ghz (1 gen)  
4GB DDR PC3-10600S RAM
Intel HDA video
Intel HDA audio


  • 2023.11.07 → I found this miracle on a local bulletin board on the Internet. I successfully negotiated the price from 50 to 35 euros
  • 2023.11.09 → The seller finally shipped the unit
  • 2023.11.10 → I have received the package, but didn't unpacked it yet..
  • 2023.11.11 → I have unpacked the package and turned the unit on, everything works as expected. I wanted to upgrade RAM and SSD and the only downside is that the SSD does not came with standard connection, its a little bit different proprietary SATA connection i have ever seen.. Will try to find more information on this. The whole thing is nice and it's active cooled, have pen and the touch screen works very well, it even has 3G/GPS adapter, fingerprint/smartcard readers, attachable keyboard, screen is very bright, unit has two batteries, one seems to be dead another seems to be holding so far about 15mins… The SSD connection seems to be Micro SATA, also it does not accept DDR3L ram that i have tried already. Now i need to find PC3-10600S memory at some point. Ordered 8gb of ram for 12 € and Micro SATA to M2 adapter for 10 €. The last one will arrive at 6th of December, so i need to wait a little bit. :)
  • 2023.11.13 → Ordered some more PC3-10600s 4x4gb ram from local dealer for 16 €.
  • 2023.11.15 → Have received the ram, but will wait until the micro sata adapter arrive and upgrade to all of them.
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