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CPU: Mips NEC VR4121 168 Mhz
Ram: 32 MB
OS: Windows CE 2.11 (Handheld PC 3.0)

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  • 2023.06.16 → I've exchanged Palm TX for Sigmarion 1 with a friend Ola from Poland, we like neighbours now.
  • 2023.06.18 → I've sent Palm TX abroad.
  • 2023.06.30 → Received the Simarion 1
  • 2023.07.01 → Fixed the broken hinge with super glue and soda, i was fast so i've also rebuilt the battery for it using two 18650 2600mAh cells. After rebuilt, the battery did not provide output current there was no ground, so i have to short 18650 cell ground and the battery BMS output ground to reactivate the BMS. All went ok and the ground re-appeared on the battery output, both ground and load now worked and palmtop started from the battery. Now just need to put back the cover of the battery, i will test it and if everything will be working until tomorrow i will seal the battery using some hot glue.

Hinge fix

You can use japan tutorial. I've managed to fix the hinge on my own way without any tutorials, but tutorial maybe helpful when need to cleanly open the device cover. There is one metal hinge that handles all lid and the plastic is very low at that point, it can crack anytime in the original version, i've applied some super glue and baking soda to make metal stick harder.

Battery rebuilt

  • Used 2x18650 battery cells.
  • Spot welder is also required for this operation.

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